It has been too long.  What can I say…  After far too long a time, spring has inspired me to get back to this blog.  All the lovely fresh produce has put a spring in my step and I am eager for the summer’s bounty.

As soon as the first spring blossoms appear on the scene I start to ask myself – ‘where is the rhubarb?’ followed by – ‘where is the asparagus?’.  These are pretty much two of my top ten ingredients to cook with.

Needless to say I was thrilled when our two gardening guru friends brought us over a bushel of their first rhubarb crop.  I could barely hold myself back from making a crisp on the spot.


I think a good crisp might just be my all time favourite dessert.  I love the juicy fruit coupled with the crumbly topping all coming together in one big bowl.  It feels like a warm hug.

Crisps are really easy to make it and there are so many recipes out there I don’t really think I need to give you another one.  I will share my top crisp tips though and my adaptations to Heidi’s recipe on 101 Cookbooks for strawberry rhubarb crumble, which was the final resting place for this luscious spring bounty of mine.

Please share your own fancy tips and tricks to making the perfect crisp!


  • I always add baking powder to my crisp or crumble topping.  It makes it puff up nicely into big chunks.
  • After I incorporate the butter into a crisp, I make sure it has a crumbly texture (i.e. large chunks).  I then put this in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before I put it on top of the fruit and in the oven.  This makes sure the crumble stays crumbly.
  • I like to add nuts and oats to my crumble.  It gives it more texture.  I like Heidi’s recipe but I swapped the pine nuts for walnuts, just because that’s what I had.  Crisp are very forgiving.Image
  • Many crisp recipes call for excessive amounts of sugar.  I like the fruit to take center stage.  Heidi’s recipe does that for sure, but I was even scant with her sugar amounts.
  • I also added a zing of fresh lemon zest, which always livens up a crisp.
  • While ice cream is certainly my go-to sidekick for crisp, here I tried ricotta mixed with a little cream and more lemon zest.  It had more refreshing and earthy flavour.


I am glad to be back!  Happy Spring everyone!