The cooking club has tried a lot of things from Spanish Tapas to French Coq au Vin and even Australian Kangaroo, but believe or not we had yet to try our hand at German food.  It seemed fitting then that for our last meeting we would try to cook some local fare.

Being Fall, we decided to give Zwiebelküchen a try with Neue Wein (the new wine that is still fermenting).  For the Zwiebelküchen we had to chop a lot of onions, but fortunately Dave really came through and did all the labour!

The Zwiebelküchen turned out really well.  It had a yeast dough bottom and then in went onions, bacon, nutmeg and a mixture of eggs and cream.  Pretty rich, but that is German food for you.  As you can see it looked (and was) pretty tasty.  You will also notice the lovely origami napkins Dave made for the group.

Next up on the menu was sausages, sauerkraut and Bratkartolffeln.  Naturally no German meal is complete without a lot of sausages (and strong mustard of course).  Sirin really showed us how to do the potatoes right!  It certainly is quite labour intensive.  With this we had really good German red wine.  I usually really don’t like German red wine, because it tastes (and looks!) like water.  Dave really chose a good one though.

Despite all this food we were still dying for dessert.  Olga and Denija had been working hard on a Mohnküchen.  There was a lovely bottom layer which was covered in a poppy seed mixture and then a top.  It looked delicious, but it just never seem to set.  We baked it forever… but in the end….

The magnetic poetry says it pretty well.  In the end we discovered that we should have used ground poppy seeds, despite the fact that the recipe failed to make it clear.

All in all though it was a pretty fun night and if a recipe is going to wrong I’d much rather be with friends when it does!  Here is to Mohnküchen, gnocchi and all the great times the cooking club has had!