I can’t believe it has taken me so long to write a post about the Cooking Club.  I always look forward to our meetings with such glee.  I love the myriad of emails with ideas on what we are going to cook.  I love laughing while we try new things – some more successful than others.  Sure we’ve had some nights that didn’t work out so well like the gnocchi night, but it was no problem after a few glasses of wine and some chocolate fondue.

We’ve had lots of different cooking nights including tapas, grill fest, coq au vin and éclairs, pizza, christmas cookies, summer fruits, Indian food, and Australian grill.  And now we recently came together to do brunch.

The day was extremely hot and as usual we made lots of things so brunch turned out to be more of a “lupper” because we only sat down to eat at 3:30pm.  Fortunately, the food all turned out amazing and we had banana smoothies somewhere in there to tied us over.

We made strawberry-lime jam, which was lovely, but a little too sweet for me.  We made Schincken Hörnchen, which literally translates to ham horns.  I think these were my favourite.  We made a yeast bread dough, which we then stuffed with ham and cheese.  The previous pictures shows the delicious results.  Even cold the next day they were tasty.

We made a basil-tomato cream cheese spread for bread, which we all raved about and a lovely Spanish tortilla out of eggs and potatoes.  To slice the potatoes we made use of my mandoline, which always makes me happy.

We had crèpes suzettes with raspberries, maple syrup and nutella.  These were delicious as well.  We had all this amazing food with mango Bellinis.

Thank you Olga, Sirin, Claudine and Kathryn for yet another amazingly delicious cooking club meeting!  And of course a special welcome to our new member Marlene.  At the moment I don’t have the recipes for all the things we made, but maybe the other members will share the recipes in the comments!