I had to say goodbye to Berlin last week, or at least goodbye to these times we’ve had in Berlin and our apartment.  I know we will come back.  It was hard to leave of course.  There are so many great things about Berlin and so many wonderful times I’ve had there.

We’ve gone to concerts, the opera, plays, outdoor theater and museums.  We’ve almost lived in some of the parks, especially the Volkspark and Treptow.  We’ve spent lots of nights hanging out with friends at places like 8mm, Lebowksi’s, the Lisa, Fengler’s, the Prater, Neubar, Schönbrunn and Chagall’s.  We’ve enjoyed Sunday brunches and trips to Mauer park.  We’ve gone out and about to the Spreewald, Potsdam and an old Russian base.  We’ve toured the city with friends and family.  It is home now.

I wish we could stay longer and I hope we come back again soon.